Jennifer Rogers Name: Jennifer Rogers

Title:  Assistant to the AVP

Department: Finance and Business Services

Start Date:  April 2008

Working at Wake Forest has been a wonderful  opportunity for me. The University offers a place where each person is valued for who they are as a person and employee, and everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop in their role.  The spirit of community at Wake Forest is just one other aspect of many that makes this such a great place to come to work every day.  I can truly say that I enjoy my job!

Satya Atluri Name:  Satya Atluri

Title:  SSRS Reporting Analyst

Department:  Advancement, Data and Reporting

Start Date:  October 2011

There is something about working on a school campus...the atmosphere is just different than a corporate office.  The people I work with on a daily basis are wonderful, friendly, funny and supportive.  My work is challenging and that keeps me going.  Wake Forest is a perfect blend of everything I look for.


William KaneName:  William P. Kane

Title:  Administrator

Department:  Digital Publishing

Start Date:  May 2011

The great thing about working at Wake Forest is that you are surrounded (literally) by so many smart students, faculty, and staff -- really, it is a luxury to be able to call upon readily available expertise to help solve any day-to-day problems.  But, I also appreciate the 'lucky underdog' aspects of Wake Forest, where good things really do result from hard work.  You don't just spin your wheels here, you move forward, with some grace.


Jonathan CoxName:  Jonathan Cox

Title:  Assistant Director

Department:  Office of Multicultural Affairs

Start Date:  August 2008

I like working at Wake Forest mainly because of the size and institutional support I receive. Wake Forest is a smaller school, which really gives me the opportunity to build close relationships with a lot of faculty, staff and students.  I am very student-centered, so it is very important to me to be able to interact with students as much as possible, and because of the University’s size, I feel I can have a positive impact with a large number of students on a consistent basis.  I also really like Wake because I sense and see evidence of strong institutional support for both my office and the goals we work to attain.  Wake Forest University is committed to diversity and inclusion, and it helps to know that those issues are not important solely to me and a handful of others, but rather the university as a whole.


Name:  Marcus Keely

Title:  Manager

Department:  START Gallery

Start Date:  August 2010

I enjoy working at Wake Forest University because it not only affords, but encourages endless opportunities for continued personal growth and cultural enrichment.

Name:  Rachel Weaver

Title:  Services Desk Student Employment Manager

Department:  Information Systems

Start Date:  August 2009

Every time I walk on the quad I am aware of all the people who have walked the same path and that they all have a story. Working at Wake Forest is an opportunity to be enriched by the past and passionate about the future and contribute to that story.  It is a place where I am inspired by the students and my colleagues to do my best work and to grow and develop professionally.  I am proud when my children say their mom works at Wake Forest.


Name:  David Clark, Ph.D.

Title:  Assistant Dean of Administration

Department:  Schools of Business

Start Date:  June 2003

Wake Forest is an exceptional place to work.  Although there are many characteristics which contribute to the compelling nature of the campus, I am most energized by the community of students, faculty, and staff members who strive daily to realize the University's motto, Pro Humanitate.


Name:  Timo Thonhauser

Title:  Assistant Professor

Department:  Physics

Start date:  July 2008

Wake Forest is a great place to work because of the amazing people here. At every level of the university, you meet people who are friendly, supportive, and sincerely interested in helping each other and our students succeed.


Name:  Regina Lawson

Title:  Chief

Department:  University Police

Start Date:  October 1989

I came to Wake Forest with a plan to stay for five years and move on. Almost 22 years later I am still here, enjoying my job and have passed up opportunities to move on.  The job is still challenging but the campus culture is warm and accepting.  I truly love the quality of life, sense of community and the 'size of my headache' at Wake Forest!


Name:  Matthew Clifford, Ed.D.

Title:  Director of Residence Life

Department: Residence Life and Housing

Start Date:  January 2010

Wake Forest is a dynamic, learning-centered place where I am constantly challenged by my responsibilities but also fully supported by my colleagues. The genuine, dedicated, and fun people who work here make Wake Forest a truly unique environment not only for students but also for faculty and staff.


Name:  Cherise James, M.S.

Title:  Residence Life Coordinator - South Campus

Department:  Residence Life and Housing

Start Date:  June 2009

While there are plenty of reasons why I enjoy working at Wake Forest, my biggest reasons for enjoying my job are the wonderful students I get to work with on a daily basis.   This is my 3rd year at Wake Forest and I have had the opportunity to watch many of my students grow, learn more about who they are and re-examine their values.  I believe my department is a strong advocate for students and a group of professionals that truly wants to remain knowledgeable and in touch with student needs and national trends.  As a young professional, this was extremely important to me as there is a refreshing sense of flexibility, opportunity for new ideas to be explored and the departure of 'the way it has always been done' mentality/ environment.


Name:  Matthew Korte

Title:  Director, Sales and Development

Department:  Athletics

Start Date:  January 2012

The best thing about working at Wake Forest is the sense of community amongst the staff.  We have an energetic department unified by the same set of goals with excellent leadership throughout.  From day one you are made to feel welcome and quickly come to realize you are working at a special place.


Name:  Amalia Wagner

Title:  Administrative Assistant

Department:  Office of the Provost

Start Date:  January 2011

Wake Forest is a great place to work because I feel valued and appreciated.  Additionally, I enjoy taking classes offered by the PDC and participating in the lunch time yoga class offered for faculty and staff.


Name:  Hubert David Womack

Title: Instruction and Outreach Librarian

Department: Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Start Date: April 1991

After graduating from WFU in 1990, I could not imagine leaving such an amazing place! When I was offered a position in April of 1991, I jumped at the chance to return. Our commitment to our students and community, our achievements in scholarship, and our dedication to the motto, 'Pro Humanitate', all make Wake Forest a special place to work.

Name: William 'Bill' Wells

Title: Director of Financial Aid

Department: Financial Aid Office

Start Date: January 1998

I love working at Wake Forest, because I am part of a team of smart, dedicated people who go the extra mile to serve our students and their families. Wake Forest is a really special place, where our motto 'Pro Humanitate' inspires all of us to achieve the highest levels of excellence and integrity.


Magjuka_Head_Shot.jpg (194×304)Name: Marianne Magjuka

Title: Director of Campus Life & My Journey

Department: Campus Life & Leadership

Start Date: January 2011

Wake Forest is a wonderful place to work because it has a strong sense of community. Steeped in rich tradition, Wake Forest creates a supportive, professional environment where everyone contributes to achieve the common goal of developing and educating our students.




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