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Diversity and Inclusion

Wake Forest University is a community of men and women that seeks the enlightenment and freedom which come through diligent study and learning. Its higher goal, however, is to give life to the University motto “Pro Humanitate,” as members translate a passion for knowledge into compassionate service.

The community shares a tradition that embraces freedom and integrity and acknowledges the worth of the individual. The heritage, established by the school’s founders and nurtured by succeeding generations, promotes a democratic spirit arising from open-mindedness and discourse.

Wake Forest fosters compassion and caring for others. Its collective strength and character are derived from the values and distinctive experiences of each individual; therefore, it affirms the richness of human intellect and culture and its contribution to knowledge, faith, reason, and dialogue. Furthermore, it strives toward a society in which goodwill, respect, and equality prevail. To that end, Wake Forest University rejects hatred and bigotry in any form and promotes justice, honor, and mutual trust.

Wake Forest welcomes and celebrates diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion.  The University was featured in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education in the Fall of 2008.  In the article, Dana Forde emphasizes, 'The Multicultural Affairs Office weaves tools for empowering minority students into the fabric of the Wake Forest community.' Read the full article.

The mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to develop and articulate the institutional approach to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community. Through programs that embrace difference as a means to cultural enrichment and engagement, we uphold the Wake Forest tradition to challenge the way University constituents think; educate our students; communicate with peers and colleagues; approach recruitment and retention; and work together.

There are a number of groups established to connect faculty and staff:


The mission of the Wake~UP~Winston initiative is to unite Wake Forest faculty and staff of diverse cultures and ethnicities to build community as well as enhance recruitment and retention of talent. Wake~UP~Winston strives to provide a social and professional network linking the Wake Forest community to colleagues in the greater Triad area.

LGBTQ Center

The LGBTQ Center provides support and advocacy to Wake Forest University’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students, faculty and staff, and education to the entire campus community about issues of gender identity and sexual orientation.

We have an active LGBTQ Faculty/Staff group as well as programs like our Out for Lunch brown bag lunch series designed specifically for faculty and staff, and the University offers full benefits to same-sex partners and their children. We are proud to have a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

If you are a prospective staff or faculty member, LGBTQ Center Director Angela Mazaris is available to answer questions and connect you with local resources. You can reach her at mazarise or (336) 758-4665.

Diversity and Inclusion Partners Council (DIPC)

The Diversity & Inclusion Partners Council (DIPC) is an action-oriented team of WFU faculty and staff inclusion champions.   DIPC is comprised of faculty and staff advocates who help establish actionable goals and implement mission-critical inclusion initiatives within their respective departments.

Young Wake Forest Professionals (YWFP)

The goal of the Young Wake Forest Professionals (YWFP) group is to create more opportunities for Young Wake Forest University Faculty and Staff to gather, connect, and share ideas—while simultaneously exploring the robust culture that the greater Winston Salem community has to offer.


Please visit the website for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for more information about the diversity and inclusion initiatives at Wake Forest University.

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