Benefits at Graylyn

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Graylyn International Conference Center

Graylyn International Conference Center, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, offers guests a private estate of their very own. Just minutes from downtown, Graylyn's vast 55-acre property allows visitors to experience a world away from the bustle of city streets. A perfect combination of a modern, sophisticated conference facility and an enchanting, historic residence, Graylyn is sure to captivate from the moment you arrive at the estate gates.

Graylyn inspires business people. When you come to Graylyn, you immediately feel like you are someplace special. Built in the 1920s by one of America's original captains of industry, Graylyn is architecturally magnificent and emotionally invigorating. The carefully manicured grounds draw people into the spacious estate and make them feel excited and energized about their meetings.

A glorious estate where everything transcends the ordinary, Graylyn is a place rich with history and a reputation for satisfying guests. A unique blend of old world charm, innovative technology, and a personal touch, Graylyn promises to create a memorable experience.

Take a pictorial tour of Graylyn and view the many distinctive facets of the estate.

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