Wake Forest University comprises two main campuses: the 345-acre Reynolda Campus, home of the Undergraduate College, the Schools of Business, the Schools of Law, and the School of Divinity; and the Bowman Gray Campus, home of the School of Medicine and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.


Our History

On February 3, 1834, the school was founded as Wake Forest Institute. Located in the town of Wake Forest, North Carolina, the school was rechartered as Wake Forest College in 1838. In 1894 the School of Law was established. The School of Medicine, founded in 1902, offered a two-year medical program until 1941. In that year, the school moved from the town of Wake Forest to Winston-Salem, became associated with the North Carolina Baptist Hospital, and was named the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. This facility is located approximately four miles from the main campus. In 1942, Wake Forest admitted women as regular undergraduate students.

In 1946 the Trustees of Wake Forest College and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina accepted a proposal by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to relocate the college in Winston-Salem. The late Charles H. Babcock and his wife, the late Mary Reynolds Babcock, contributed a campus site, and building funds were received from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and other sources. The old Wake Forest campus is now home to the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

A School of Business was established in 1948; in 1969, the undergraduate school was succeeded by the Department of Business and Accountancy (which was reconstituted as the School of Business and Accountancy in 1980, and renamed Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accountancy in 1995) and the Department of Economics in Wake Forest College. The Division of Graduate Studies (now the Graduate School) and Babcock Graduate School of Management were established in 1961 and 1969, respectively. In February 1996, the trustees approved the opening of a Divinity School. A full-time dean was hired in July 1996 with the first class enrolling in Fall 1999. In October 1997, the Bowman Gray School of Medicine was renamed the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, while its campus is now known as the Bowman Gray Campus.




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